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Namaste and Welcome to the NCARD Website!

National Coalition Against Racial Discrimination (NCARD) is an action oriented independent non governmental network. It was established as an alliance of various groups suffering from racial and other forms of discrimination. They include Indigenous Nationalities (INs), Dalits, religious minorities, Madhesis, Kamaiyas, Ex-Birtish Gurkhas, women's rights and human rights group, etc. NCARD is a post–Durban follow up network born out of the national preparatory committee (NPC) formed for the UN world conference against racial discrimination xenophobia and related intolerance, Durban, south Africa in 2001. It now works as a network of various coalition active in country.

NCARD focuses on campaigns and movements rather than projects. Major roles of NCARD rely on implementation of world conference against racial discrimination (WCAR) in the its program of actions  (POA). However, accountability on declaration of world conference goes towards international community, all the states and civil societies since it is like other convention. Forms of action which they performed would be reactive, proactive and interactive.

The NCARD works specially with historically marginalized groups. They are,

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